Our Story

Rosemary's Gift (written by Cara)

This is the story of how I was inspired to leave my corporate career to pursue my heart's work.

Rosemary was the first 'furbaby' I had the honor of mothering in my adult life. She was present through many of my life's important and also most challenging times. Rosemary was a very sickly puppy and through it all, she was spectacular. She survived 8 years of constant vet visits, ailments, surgery and medications and never complained. She was (and is) pure sweetness and love.

In 2010 Rosie passed from Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) during a particularly trying time in my life. The decision to let her go had to be made quickly and without notice. Letting go of a loved one is devastating and heart wrenching, and in this case it was unexpected. 

Rosemary's gift was hidden in the trauma of her passing. After her passing, I was called to really quiet myself and focus on finding my life's purpose. I asked myself every morning upon waking, "What is it, that I want to do with my life? What is going to make me happy?" After quiet introspection, the answer was always the same: over and over my quiet internal voice said, "I want to be around animals every day of my life." Without a doubt, the answer was to follow my joy and create the career of my dreams, focused around animals. So I set about to make that happen!

During Rosemary's transition, the veterinary staff offered an abundance of support and love - I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and reverence, and later recognized that I wanted to be able to provide this invaluable service to others in the process of losing their beloved animal family. Hence, my desire to work in animal hospice was born.

Rosemary is still with us in spirit and is rejoicing that we have chosen this path. She is still a part of our daily conversations and her memories make us laugh. Very recently she visited me in a dream and I was able to hug her and kiss her and have her lick my face again. My little Rosey-Posey. <3

Rosemary (2002-2010)

Animals are magnificent beings. They are our great teachers, providing countless lessons about unconditional love and helping us to grow as human beings, with all of our emotional complexities.

Our belief is that all animals are SO much more than 'pets'; they are our families, our companions, our furry children and our support systems. They deserve respect and careful nurturing. In many ways animals are more advanced than humans! We are awed and inspired by them on a daily basis!

Our mission is to honour all animals, through loving care, healing work, compassion and assistance through all life stages. We offer this as a partial return for the enrichment and joy they bring to us.

We also appreciate the love and care that our human friends give their animal companions. Thank you for taking such great care of them! Our relationship with you, is just as important to us. We strive for clear communication and connection.