Assistant : CHRIS

Christopher Dodge
Animal Care Assistant

Chris grew up in Berkeley and San Leandro, along the shores of the East Bay. He has been living in Santa Rosa since 2013 (and loving every minute of it!). An animal lover all of his life, Chris has an endless curiosity about the natural world, especially when it comes to our animal friends. 

Chris first began working with animals in high school, where he volunteered as zookeeper's assistant at the Oakland Zoo during the summer. He worked with many animals there, but his special favorites were the giant Aldabra tortoises, who are over 100 years old! Chris has always had a strong bond with cats and dogs. When he was younger, he formed such a close friendship with one of the local stray cats that when his family decided to move, the cat (named Mr. Boots by Chris) was so distraught, the only choice was for his family to bring Mr. Boots along!

Chris has a soft-spoken, warm presence and a genuine enthusiasm for humans and animals, having done volunteer work relating to both throughout his life. Chris is currently studying at Santa Rosa Junior College with an interest in Non Profit Development and enjoys reading and learning in his spare time.