Owner : FRANK

Frank DeLaRosa-Harrison
Owner: Reiki Master Level Healer, Animal Care Specialist

Frank is a California native raised in Long Beach, California who relocated to Sonoma County in 2010. Frank is a huge-hearted, gentle soul with a passion for helping animals; having at one point turned his home into a rescue housing several cats and dogs. He would frequently save wayward animals and return them to their rightful owners, or find them forever homes. 

He is a gifted Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer, who has frequent requests for his healing work. He is also a highly vigilant and responsible dog walker, who avoids and deters all potential dog-walking hazards. Your animals are safe and sound when they are with Frank.

Along with co-founding Healing Hands Animal Care, Frank has been creating original artwork for over 20 years and has a second degree blackbelt in Aikido.