Hospice Consultations

Hospice & Palliative Care

At Healing Hands Animal Care, the meanings of Palliative care and Hospice care are interwoven. Naturally, grief support is part of this process and completely integrated as the care that we offer.

Our goals and promises to you are:

1. Make sure the animal has proper veterinary/medical support: (We can coordinate medical care, attend vet visits, clarify the medical plan, administer medications and offer home nursing, including fuids.)

2. The animal is not suffering in any way : pain management 

3. The physical, emotional and spiritial needs of the animal are addressed and supported (This comes in the form of numerous housecalls, phone calls, texts/emails and continued correstpondence.)

4. The human caregivers and family unit are fully emotionally supported before, during and after the transition period. OUR SERVICES DO NOT END, rather they continue on as we navigate your story together...hand-in-hand. 

Every individual animal and human caregiver carries a different set of needs. Hospice care will look different for every family. We work with you to remain flexible as these needs shift and change through the process of transition. 

Find the definitions of palliative vs. hospice HERE

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