Pet Sitting Services

All visits take place in the comfort of your home.
We offer holistic pet sitting services for healthy, special needs and senior babies alike, of all species. 

*UPDATE 9/12/19 : STARTING 1/1/20 Our minimum housecall fee for any service will increase to $35 local/$40 travel

DAY VISITS (Morning, Mid-day and/or Evening)

Our staff day visit rates range from $35-$45* per visit (large price range due to the variation of individual needs) and include:

Piddle break / walk (as tolerated), excrement clean up and disposal
Feeding and bowl washing post meals, fresh water
Social / play time
One-on-one love, love, love!
Regular photo and/or text updates
Gather mail, alternate blinds, water plants, garbage out
Treats prior to leaving
Gate and door security check prior to leaving


Standard pills, herbs, homeopathy and basic first aid services are included in all pet sitting visits. injectable medications such as insulin and subcutaneous fluids, as well as wound cleaning, bandaging or post-surgery specialty medications are $5-$10 extra per visit/dose


We are happy to watch your animals in your home while you run errands, go to meetings, etc. This is a great option if your animal has health concerns, needs frequent feedings or medications, suffers from separation anxiety or just needs loving companionship while you are out for the day. Consider a Reiki Healing session for your animal while we are there!

We charge our minimun house-call rate for the first hour and $20/hour for each consecutive hour. Extended visits include feeding, medications, 30 minute walk and hours of one-on-one, focused attention.


We are available for overnight stays. Overnight care is a 14 hour shift, starting from 6pm and ending at 8am the following morning. Sometimes our schedule allows for variation in time windows. Along with providing the best loving care to your animals, home stays include all housekeeping services: gathering mail, watering plants, putting garbage out, alternating lights and blinds so your home maintains a lived-in appearance, security checks. Please contact us for availability.

Overnight care ranges from $80-$90/night

* Please note: we are no longer able to accommodate 24hr care shifts.


We offer private walks, focused on one family at a time. All walks are leashed and in locations surrounding your home area. We will not handle off-leash requests or dog park requests.

30 minutes - $35 (minimum fee)

60 minutes - $45


Healing sessions take place in the comfort of your home.

Reiki is great for: general inflammation like arthritis, post-surgery wound healing, anxiety and nerves, animals with aggression issues, animals in transition, special needs, and general well-being. We charge a $35 minimum per house call. Animals are very clear communicators in regards to reiki; if they appreciate it, they relax and absorb. If they are resistant, they simply walk away. The first step is to try a session to gauge their response. 

Treatment: Single Practitioner Healing: One practitioner performs healing work on your baby and updates you on progress. Standard time range is 30min-60min. Some animals will absorb what they need within 15-20 minutes. Our visit is usually 30min-60min long, including treatment time.

-       30 min - $35
-       45 min - $60
-       60 min - $75

Treatment: Double Practitioner Healing: Specialty medical cases may require two practitioners to  collaborate using advanced healing techniques. Contact us directly for specifics.


If you need your animal brought to their grooming or veterinary appointment, we will happily provide the transportation. We drive to your animal's location, pick them up and transport them.

Transportation costs start at $20 one way/ $40 round trip to and from vet facility and depends on location and particular needs.

We will also attend vet appointments with you for support. The fee for this is based on time and is usually minimal.


Imagine having a knowledgeable friend go with you to the vet! It can be intimidating to ask the vet questions but Cara has experience working within the veterinary field and understands veterinary terminology. She knows what questions to ask and can help you navigate through challenging decisions (surgical procedures, etc) at your veterinary visits. 

We can also arrange to pick up and transport you to and from the appointment, which is a huge relief to many. Sometimes the driving alone feels overwhelming when your baby has an appointment.

In addition, Cara is the veterinary assistant for two local mobile vets (house-call). She can contact them for in-home appointments as needed.

This service is $35+ depending on how many hours and may include transportation fees. 


Losing our loved ones to age or disease is incredibly difficult; we've been through it. Cara offers
in-home hospice consultations. These appointments last 1-2 hours during which time we discuss
end of life goals for your baby, look at the medical, physical, emotional, spiritual journies your animal and family are going through and develop a plan to best support you. Consultations are individualized and may include a reiki session and/or intuitive reading as well as comprehesive steps to take. Cara offers in-home nursing services, can consult with your veterinarian, and can arrange end of life services when the time comes.


Losing our loved ones to age or disease is incredibly difficult and you are not alone. There are may issues specific to pet loss that require a specialist. Cara is a Grief Coach certified in pet loss companioning and can support you through this painful process. Contact Cara at (707) 331-4841
to discuss your particular needs. More information here: