(CARA's BIO continued...)

Working with Death:

I am no stranger to the concept of life and death as a circular completion. I was born on a significant day that celebrates death : El Dia de Los Muertos. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is my Godmother, was present for my baptism, and I was named Cara Elisabeth, in her honor. My mother studied death and dying under Elisabeth Kübler-Ross while pregnant with me, and was a forerunner in the human hospice movement, later going on to establish a global non-profit organization serving women and children with HIV/AIDS.

Early Years: 

My earliest years, starting at 2, were in tow to my mother's non-profit summer camp, where my childhood friends were heartbreakingly ill. I attended many bedsides and funerals as a child. (I participated in this program from 2-21)

My developmental years from 5-14 were on a 15 acre farm in Sonoma County. I spent many hours alone as a child and filled my days by connecting with the animals. Animals were my very early teachers of how the cycle of life worked in completion; birth and death. I witnessed all types of animal transitions as a child, from calm and restful to tragic and painful.

Although difficult, I believe these death experiences during my formative years were extremely instrumental for my personal expansion and developing my gifts to offer others.