Hospice evaluations are now available remotely!


How do you know if you need a hospice consultation?

- You've already called a house call vet to to schedule the euthanasia, or come evaluate your animals's quality of life, and they referred you to Cara. 

- Your animal is aging, losing hind-end mobility, traction, has a hard time getting up/laying down.

- Your animal has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

- Your animal is getting finicky about food/has stopped eating (this is usually paired with a kidney disease diagnosis).


"I don't want to wait too long, and I don't want to make the decision too soon."


"How will I know when it's the right time?"

These are the most common fears with aging or ill pets.

Euthanasia is always a difficult decision, but when you have the support of an animal care specialist, you are not making the decision alone. You are fully informed and supported along the way.


Cara offers in-home quality of life & hospice consultations. Cara uses her unique skillset and veterinary experience to help you create a comprehensive end of life plan that will allow you to navigate decisions that will honor your baby's needs, as well as your own.

Heres what to know:

• The first consultation is almost ALWAYS two hours long. This happens organically, time and time again. 


• We begin the process with you completing an online quality of life calculation. The number you come up with is our starting baseline.


• We discuss your animal's current quality of life, your relationship and bond with them, family goals, and hard lines. 


• We take a holistic approach to the death cycle by evaluating the medical, physical, emotional, spiritual journey your animal and family are going through and develop a plan to best support you.


• We talk about the hard stuff; what challenges are you facing as a caregiver? How do you envision your baby's graduation day unfolding? What memorial items and aftercare planning would you like to consider?

• After the meeting, Cara drafts a comprehensive and detailed 2-3 page document that can be shared with your veterinary team as well as used as a daily reference guide.

This can end here. can continue to work with Cara in the following ways:


• You can hire Cara in an ongoing fashion, for hospice consulting. This means: any time you have a question about medication adjustments or changes you are noticing, you contact Cara for support.


• She becomes your sounding board, support system and an additional set of eyes for the ENTIRETY of the process. She is available by phone, zoom and in-person. 


• Cara is available to administer medications and train you in home nursing care (subcutaneous Fluid Administration, medication administration, etc).

• Cara can act as a liaison between you and your veterinary care team, and can attend veterinary appointments with you.

• Cara is often requested to be present for and to help facilitate the actual euthanasia process. She helps to ensure that all personal boundaries are honored, that the process goes as smoothly as possible, answers questions about what to expect and PACES the procedure. She has regular house call euthanasia vets that she works with. 


• 2 hour consultation

• 2-3 page QOL assessment


• 2 hour consultation

• 2-3 page QOL assessment

• 1 In-Home check-in visit/Change in QOL noticed

(valued at $60-$80/visit)

• 3 phone call check-ins to answer any questions

(15-30min calls)

FULL HOSPICE PACKAGE: $1100 (up to 6 months of support)

• 2 hour consultation

• 2-3 page QOL assessment

• 3 In-Home check-in visits: (valued at $60-$80/visit)

• Unlimited phone support through the entire process!

• Ritual Planning for Graduation Day

• "Graduation Day" Euthanasia facilitation & pacing

• One hour pet loss grief session to help you process your recent loss.



Ongoing grief coaching is also available. (click here)